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Thermal Detector


Model D-213

DEMCO Photoelectric Smoke Detector D-213 with its new sensor design incorporates an internal pulsing LED and a photo-diode at an obtuse angle, is ideal for applications where slow-burning or smouldering fires are likely.

The D-213 has an advanced solid-state, low-voltage, surface-mount circuitry and are designed for 2-Wire installation using the D3X001 universal base. The detector head is installed into the base with a simple twist-lock action.

The 360-degree detector design permits smoke entry from any direction, and a unique sensing chamber that permits operation in open areas with air velocities from 0 to 300 fpm.

A fine wire mesh extending between offset ports in the exterior and interior walls screens insects from the chamber and obstructs light from passing directly to the interior part.


  Certification/Listing-UL, CE and BSI.
  Advanced detection and discrimination algorithms.
  Advanced solid-state, low-voltage, surface-mount circuitry.
  Suitable for the majority of application conditions.
  Easy installation, testing and maintenance.
  Sleek low-profile housing design.
  Flashing LED in standby mode.
  Robust and reliable sensor head.
  Two red LEDs to allow 360-degree viewing.
  A fine mesh insect screen protects the chamber area i.e. to avoid potential nuisance alarms.
  Optional/integrated heat detector for D213-2H and D213-2HL models.

Universal Base

The D3X001 universal base is designed for the D-113 and D-213 series of detectors. It is an electronics free base with a simple and robust design that enables a detector to be plugged in without any need for force – particularly useful when installing to suspended ceiling.

Being a common base, it allows detector interchange within the series.


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Model D-213    

(XPERT) Optical Smoke Detector

(XPERT) Temperature Smoke Detector

(DIL) Optical Smoke Detector

(DIL) Temperature Smoke Detector

Zone Monitor

I/O Module


Optical Smoke Detector

The Context Plus XP95 optical detector uses the same outer case as the ionisation smoke detector and is distinguished by the indicator LED which is clear in standby and red in alarm. Within the case is a printed circuit board which, on one side, has the light proof labyrinth chamber with integral gauze surrounding the optical measuring system and, on the other, the address capture, signal processing and communications electronics.

An infrared light emitting diode within its collimator is arranged at an obtuse angle to the photo-diode. The photo-diode has an integral daylight-blocking filter.

The IR LED emits a burst of collimated light every second. In clear air the photodiode receives no light directly from the IR LED because of the angular arrangement and the dual mask. When smoke enters the chamber it scatters photons from the emitter IR LED onto the photo-diode in an amount related to the smoke characteristics and density.

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(XPERT) Optical Smoke Detector    

Model D-223

DEMCO Single Station Photoelectric Smoke Detector D-223 is a battery operated, 9V single station smoke alarm specifically designed for residential and institutional applications including sleeping rooms of hospitals, hotels, motels, dormitories and other multi-family dwellings. It is designed to give early warning of developing fires by giving off an audible alarm from its built-in alarm horn. This provides precious time for escape before a fire spreads.

The D-223 features a solid-state surface-mount circuitry and are designed for low power consumption, precision and stability.


  Easy to install - install directly to proper location without any wiring.
  Easy to maintain - minimum one year battery life under normal operation.
  Easy to test - the LED alarm indicator doubles as a test button - just press it for 2 seconds and hear the alarm sound to confirm that it is working in normal condition.
  Low battery warning - "unit beeps" every one minute for at least 7 days to indicate battery needs replacing.


The D-223 series of photoelectric smoke detectors are desinged in accordance with UL217 and EN14604, and are manufactured under the best quality control.

This series also incorporates the reliability of UL-certified infrared components.

Other models in the D-223 series include detectors with additional features and functions.
D223 Photoelectric smoke detector (Tested by EN 14604,2005 Version)
D223-I Smoke detector, interconnection function (Tested by EN14604, 2005 Version)
D223-A-I Photoelectric smoke detector, Interconnection Function, AC 110/230V
D223-A-B-I Photoelectric smoke detector, Interconnection Function, AC 110/230V with battery backup
D223H Smoke and heat detector
D223H-I Smoke and heat detector, interconnection function
D223H-A-B-I Photoelectric smoke and heat detector, Interconnection Function, AC 110/230V with battery backup
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Model D-223    


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